Omar Bayazid

Salam everyone,

Please make sincere du3a for our brother Omar Bayazid. He is the captain of Mujahideen.

He was shot in the leg in an attempted robbery yesterday. He is in the hospital and has underwent multiple surgeries with more to come.

May Allah grant him a swift recovery, and protect him and all of our Muslim brothers and sisters.


  • omar when i heard what happen to you it brought tears to my eyes i was so sad and didnt know if u were going to be ok but knowing u the way i do i knew u would hold on and fight threw this u are an amazing person and u did not deserve that and i hope u are doin well i miss u and i know i cant be close to u and havent been for a long time but nothing has changed my way i think about u alot i just pray u are doin well and hope u and your family are doin good also congrats on your baby girl too u are a strong person and i know u will not give up best wishes for a fast recovery!

    sondra brownJanuary 21, 2014

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