MAS Youth Scholarship Essay 2018

In 500-700 words, please answer ONE of the following prompts:

  1. In your opinion, what is the most pressing social, cultural, or political issue of our time? How does your personal identity as a Muslim-American impact your view of this issue?
  2. Discuss an Islamic figure (modern or historic) whose values have impacted your core beliefs. What makes them influential on a personal and societal level?

A committee will review the essays and make sure that your response:

  • Includes the mention of Islam
  • Mentions your personal story as it relates to the prompt
  • Answers all parts of the prompt you select
  • Does NOT include any traces of plagiarism
  • Is concise and coherent
  • Has acceptable grammar and mechanics (12 point font, Times New Roman)

Please submit your response to by 6/16/18